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From the infinitely large to the infinitesimally small, Microcosm will give you the key to understanding the secrets of matter. In this exhibition you will explore the mysteries of the universe and discover the massive apparatus used by physicists, the accelerators and detectors, and see how each part works!

Cosmic rays, antiprotons, quarks and gluons are just some of the phenomena awaiting you at Microcosm!

Through multimedia exhibits, actual machines, games and experiments, you will discover the amazing "CERN adventure":

How do the accelerators recreate the conditions at the beginning of the universe? Why do we need immense particle detectors to study the tiniest constituents of matter? And how do thousands of scientists work together all over the world to uncover the secrets of new particles?

Due to major refurbishments , Microcosm exhibition will be closed from Monday 8 December 2014 and will reopen to visitors in Summer 2015.